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General Dentistry

Sally Feenstra-Blankenburgh, Tandarts aan het IJ

Sally Feenstra-Blankenburgh

BIG: 19056515202

Jan-Christiaan Oortwijn

Restorative dentist/implantologist
BIG: 59048799302

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By phone from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 12:30h and from 14:00 - 15:00h on 020 760 3250, or online via the button below. A few days in advance, you will receive an appointment reminder via text and / or email.
I.v.m. Covid-19 please come ALONE to the practice.
Exceptions: Invalids and children to 13 years old. Guidance is requested to wait at the central reception.
In case of complaints such as coughing, coughing and (nose) cold, you are requested to stay at home.

Because we want to treat you as efficiently and pleasantly as possible, we have reserved time for you in our agenda. We therefore ask you, if possible, to be present approximately 10 minutes before the start of the appointment.

If you can not reach your appointment unexpectedly, please let us know at least 48 hours in advance. This can be by email or by phone. If you do not cancel an appointment or not, it will be charged for your time. Please note that these costs are not reimbursed by your health insurer! Cancellation of an appointment on the day itself can be by phone only!

If you are late for an appointment, the appointment will be canceled due to time constraints. We will make a new appointment.

Sally Feenstra-Blankenburgh, Tandarts aan het IJ

Sally Feenstra-Blankenburgh

BIG: 19056515202

Member of: ANT, NVT, KRT, DAED, OVAP and NVvRT
Graduated at ACTA in 2001 and has gained extensive experience as a general practitioner. 

'One of the most exciting things is to make small pieces of art in the mouth. No one who sees it, but a challenge to make it so that you can not really distinguish it from a real tooth.
Dentistry is developing so quickly. It is important that you keep your knowledge up to date by reading journals, following courses, attending conferences and practical workshops. Everything is getting better and more beautiful. It is very satisfying to be able to apply this in practice. In 2012, Eddo Hekman and I decided to launch a new and modern practice together with the best and latest equipment. A big renovation was needed but the end result is fantastic. And look at our view...'

Jan-Christiaan Oortwijn

Restorative dentist/implantologist
BIG: 59048799302

NVVRT and EPA approved
Member of: KNMT, NVVRT, EPA, NVvP, NVOI, DAED, N / A

Jan-Christiaan graduated as a dentist in 1993. After graduating, he worked for 10 years with Leopold van Loon, an authority in the field of extensive restorative dentistry. In addition, Jan-Christiaan worked on ACTA for the Displaced Project. Here he provided the dental treatment of the Amsterdam homeless and illegals. After completing this project, he worked for 13 years as a dentist at the Center for Special Dentistry Jellinek. This is a specialist clinic for the treatment of severely addicted patients.In 2000 and 2001, Jan-Christiaan followed the course of Implantology at ACTA.
The experience gained by Jan-Christiaan in dealing with complex issues resulted in international recognition as a restauration specialist in 2014.

In addition to his activities as a dentist, Jan-Christiaan is active as a violinist. He has built up special expertise in the treatment of musicians. Especially with blazers, the teeth play a major role in their functioning. Changes in this can have major consequences.

The beautiful of this subject I find the combination of craft, science and medicine. Dentistry is immensely in development. There are more and more dental specialties. Complex treatments often require proper collaboration between the different specialties. As a restorative dentist, it is important to have a good team of specialists around you. Dentists at the IJ have several specialists under one roof. This allows quick tailor-made and complex implementation of realistic treatment plans.


The cost of an intake is between € 50 and € 150 (treatment codes: C28, C22, X10 2 times), depending on the complexity of the teeth situation. When the previous dentist's X-rays are fairly recent and clear, we do not make any pictures. We only charge € 50.
Treatment codes and associated rates are listed on the website of

After your visit, you will receive a treatment plan with the associated cost budget from € 150.

Your invoice

The sending and collection of the bills for our practice is provided by Anders Medical Factoring. Your bills are processed smoothly, you keep a perfect overview through (login) and you can pay with iDEAL. If you are additional insured for dental surgery, Anders Medical Factoring will receive the amount you receive directly from your health insurer, your 'residual bill' will be sent by email.
Other Medical Factoring preferably sends your accounts by e-mail. This saves a lot of paper, time and unnecessary administration. You do not need to do anything, we will use the email address you have registered with us. Make sure we always have the correct email address!

Important message regarding the GDPR concerning Anders Medical Factoring.

A few tips:
You will receive your invoice by e-mail. The sender of this e-mail is: We advice you to add this address in your email contacts that way the email will not end up in your 'spambox'.
The email contains a link on which you can click through to a web page.
This page requires some information from you. These are meant to make sure that only the right person can see and pay the correct bill.

What to do if the link does not open?
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If you still face any problems, or have any other questions? Please call the patiënt-line:

085 760 6262 (local rate)

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The majority of dental care for adults is not covered by basic insurance. If you have completed a supplementary insurance for dentistry, you may receive a fee per treatment. We advise you to first inform your health insurer!

Costs for youth up to 18 years (except crowns, bridges and orthodontics) are generally fully reimbursed.

Many patients do not have any additional dental insurance or receive a small fee from their health insurer. Ixorg may help you to finance the treatments. Read more on