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House Rules


We warmly welcome you as a new patient at Tandarts aan het IJ! The care is for you the most important. You are more than a mouth with teeth and picks. You have wishes, good or bad experiences with dentists, fear of the dentist or just not, good or not so good, in short you are unique. Therefore, we are challenged to get and/or hold the oral care for you.

Making appointments

To make appointments you can call between 08:30am - 13:00pm and 14:00pm - 15:00pm at 020 760 32 50 on Mondays to Fridays.
You can also send us an email to before making an appointment.
Please state your preference by day and time. We will also confirm the appointment by email. This is, however, definitive. Therefore, in case of cancellation or reschedule, take into account the time required.
Appointments made by the dentist, dentist specialist and/or the oral hygienist help us remember by means of an email is scheduled one week before the appointment.

If you have left a mobile number, we will send a reminder by SMS 1 day in advance. If you have an appointment for a treatment with our endodontist, you will be contacted by the assistant 2 days prior to the appointment to confirm this appointment.

Cancellation or rescheduling of appointments

There are a number of things to keep in mind: The dentists’ and oral hygenists’ calendars are organized in such a way that sufficient time is reserved for each patient. Also for emergency complaints.
Canceling an appointment at the very last time means that your appointment will be reset to another moment and that the dentist or oral hygienist could not help anyone else when you had the appointment. As a result, our care and service comes to our patients and that is the last thing we want. For this reason, we are strict in our policy regarding cancellation of agreements.
Appointments longer than 15 minutes must be canceled at least 2 working days in advance. If the appointment is less than 15 minutes, you can cancel 1 business day in advance. Preferably by telephone.

The above applies in all cases and regardless of the reason for termination.

Only the dentist or oral hygienist can determine whether the above rule may be waived. You will always be responsible for the cancellation of the appointment. Do you want to know how long your appointment lasts? This will be told when you make the appointment. If you are to late with cancelling or you did not come, we will send you an invoice. The following rates are then calculated:

Dentist per quarter: € 25,00
Oral hygienist per quarter: € 15,00

Emergency complaints

Always call the practice on working days: 020 - 760 32 50.
Outside our opening hours, you can contact:

Dental 365, available at 020 - 555 82 82; the oral care clinic at Hospital Slotervaart, accessible by phone number 020 - 723 48 48
or the dental emergency practice in Hospital OLVG , accessible by phone number: 0900 - 8602.

To wait

When you make an appointment for a follow-up treatment, we always estimate how much time we need for you. We do this based on a lot of experience. Because no one is right and sometimes it's only during the treatment that more is happening, treatment may occur occasionally. We will not send you away with a half-finished treatment. We then ask for understanding of the one who waits for you after a treatment or control appointment. This can of course also happen to someone who has an appointment before you. Which makes us understand for the longer wait. But: we try to make the wait a bit more enjoyable by offering you a cup of coffee or tea.

Periodic checks and follow-up treatments

For the health of your teeth it is really important that you check your mouth regularly (twice a year unless your dentist advises otherwise). A common misunderstanding is that control is not necessary and you should only go to the dentist if you are in a hurry. We just want to prevent you from having problems with your mouth. During a check-up appointment, it is checked whether your mouth is healthy, or that a small or larger problem is likely to arise.
In many cases, due to the correct measures, the appearance of pain can be prevented. Therefore, larger procedures are often not necessary at all. In addition, waiting for you to really bother can cause a lot more damage to your teeth.
So, our advice is: Remind “the reminde”r to make a check appointment with the dentist! You will receive this one half year after the last appointment by email.

Treatment plans and payments

For further treatments above € 150, you will receive a treatment plan. We will send this to you. This is intended to inform you about what would be needed to get your teeth back in good condition. You will be informed verbally about the costs below € 150. The invoice will be received only after the treatment has been completed and sent by Anders Medical Factoring or comes from Infomedics if you have been treated by our endodontist.
Dentist aan het IJ has concluded a contract with no health insurer. You know yourself what amount you are insured per year. If you have any questions about it, we advise you to contact your health insurer.
Are you insured for dental care, the note goes directly to your health insurance. For the part you have to pay, you will receive an invoice from Anders Medical Factoring separately by email and you can pay with Ideal. It may be that this email ends in your "spambox", to prevent that from sending us your email address in your contacts! You can also pay with pin at the counter afterwards. Please let us know by prior before the treatment with the dentist or oral hygienist.

Information about your invoice and the terms for an application to pay in installments can be obtained from Anders Medical Factoring: T 085-760 62 62. Or at Infomedics: T 0900 - 404 94 04. If you are not insured for dental care, you will pay after the treatment at the counter by pin. Which method of payment our preference, depends on a number of factors. Please ask our office assistant or receptionist.

Changes to your personal data

If there are any changes in your personal data, we would like to hear that as soon as possible. The digital delivery of the note to your insurance can only be done with the most recent and therefore correct information.


If you have any questions after the above, feel free to ask them at your next visit.

Do you want to download this information? Click here.

Complaint settlement

Dentist aan het IJ strives for high quality and service. It can happen of course once again that you are not satisfied with a treatment.

We appreciate this first personally discussing with the dentist. If this does not lead to a desired result, please contact the complaints committee of the ANT (Association of Dutch Dentists).

For the endodontist TIP (Dental Information Point) established by the KNMT (Royal Dutch Society for Dentistry Promotion) applies. Here you can find advice on phone number 0900-2025012.